30 Min Lessons

30 min music or voice lessons. Lessons meet one time each week and are paid up front each month.

1 hour Lessons

Full hour music or voice lessons. These lessons also meet one time each week,  All lessons are paid for up front each month

Group Lessons

Group lessons for  guitar, piano, drums, and voice are subject to availability. Call us for more information on group classes.


30 min or full hour lessons can be arranged to meet every other week. Lessons are still paid in full each month and arranged on a fortnightly basis.

Free Trial Lesson

We want to be sure that we are the right fit for you. Our free lesson gives us an opportunity to get to know you or your student, establish some goals, and build a game plan to move forward.

In person instruction

Our attentive staff of qualified teachers are here to guide you and your student to achieve your vision.

Next Steps…

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