Ukulele Lessons
Try a free ukulele lesson today at Red Dirt Music Academy. Free Trial Lessons are available. Unleash your inner musical genius!
Oklahoma City, OKC, Ukulele Lessons, Uke Lessons
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young girl receiving qualified instruction on how to play the ukulele

Ukulele Lessons

Dying to learn the ukulele? Learn various styles. Learn the songs you want to learn. Pop, indie, and everything in between. Start your journey to shredding on your ukulele today!

As a kid, you heard Beatles songs growing up. Your mom was their biggest fan. Because of them, you have had an interest in the ukulele. Now, your kid is learning the instrument and it takes you back to those happy days again. 

Ukulele has been a hot instrument since George Harrison of the Beatles showed his love for it. You love it, too! Come enjoy the soft notes of the ukulele and learn how to play the instrument that has almost overtaken the guitar in popularity.

The studio is located conveniently at 12203 S Penn in OKC. 

Are you ready for ukulele lessons for your student?

Free Trial Lesson

We want to be sure that we are the right fit for you. Our free lesson gives us an opportunity to get to know you or your student, establish some goals, and build a game plan to move forward. No commitments and no cost to you!