piano lessons in Oklahoma city
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Piano Lessons at Red Dirt Music Academy

Piano Lessons OKC

Every business thinks they are the best at what they do. Red Dirt Music Academy isn’t any different, but the lessons at Red Dirt really are the best. RDMA is the best place in OKC to get started on piano and keyboard because of the fun first vibe at the studio, the quality instruments available to students, and the best teachers in the metro.


The fun first attitude at the studio is crucial to learning. We have all seen videos of children crying at pianos when forced to practice. This is something we avoid at Red Dirt. The intro series does cover Mozart, Beethoven, and all the classics that you would expect. However, you will find an array of pop and rock songs in the method as well. Songs from Kesha, Rachel Platten, and Taylor Swift can be found as well as rock classics from the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen. There are more artists and bands in the books than are mentioned here. 


The studio utilizes keyboards over pianos because keyboards never have to be tuned. It’s not conducive to a healthy learning environment for students to play on instruments that are out of tune. The logistics of keyboards work much better for beginning students. Red Dirt has the highest quality Yamaha keyboards for students to play on. All keys are weighted to match the feel of a real piano. 


RDMA has very high standards for instructors. All instructors have to pass strict background checks, and go through a lengthy interview process before they are hired. Each teacher goes through a mandatory teacher training before they teach any lessons at the academy. 


Red Dirt Music Academy really does have the best piano lessons in the metro. All students start off on a free trial lesson to make sure the studio is a good fit for them. All students have opportunities to play live at recitals, with a band, or at a restaurant/café show.